Saturday, August 7, 2010

SYNF 2010

30 July 2010 - Registration and dinner at night.

31 July 2010 - Morning we have breakfast and briefing from Mustapha Hj Sakmud,President Majlis Belia Sabah (MBS). After that, the program began. The first program is Teaming with passion. This program place until night. Have you participated in this program? I never join it before this. That was my first time. i learned many things from that program. i learned what is passion actually,how to increase passion,how to convince ourself and many more. That program was conducted by Mr. Sukuriyya Masri from Telekom Malaysia Sabah. i hope all of you can join that program in future.

1 August 2010 - Like yesterday, we have breakfast in the morning(not enough). The program is forum from morning until night. So bored. There are four sessions of forum. Fisrt, mendidik akal budi generasi net. Second, perpaduan bangsa generasi net berteraskan gagasan 1 Malaysia. Third, memperkasa jati diri generasi net. Last, politik berwibawa merentasi generasi net. The last forum was the best. Overall, the forum told about generation net or Y.

2 August 2010 - Same also, breakfast first(still not enough). First program was forum entitled "ke arah membina rangkaian generasi net yang berkualiti". The last forum was "masa depan generasi net: perspektif mahasiswa". The last forum was representative by students from UiTM,UMS,UNIRAZAK and IPG. 12 pm: closing ceremony was started. The VIP for that ceremony was Sabah Chief Minister, YBHG Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman.


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