Sunday, August 29, 2010


Do you really know what Dota is? If not, let me tell u. Dota is a game (strategy game). It is one of the most popular games in the globe (rasanya lah). When does Dota exist? Why it is exist? Until today I don’t know the background of Dota. I just know how to play (best hehehe). If u really wants to know more details about Dota, ask ABBY (dia lbh tahu). No. phone nya I don’t have. Klau mau, mnta ngan AFIQ or FARIZ (klau diorg ada lah). I start playing Dota since I’m in Part 2. I learn fromZUL, JOKO & SADRE .

28 August 2010: My friends ( JOKO,ZUL,SADRE & SHAHARI) and I join the Dota tournament. That was our first tournament ever. Eventhough we lack of training, we won the first match against CK( ntah pa benda 2). I think we won the match around 40 minutes. Susah boss. First, we don’t have confidence to win the match, ALHAMDULILLAH. We won. Nasib kali.SEMOGA LAH. Then, the second match we lost dgn teruk nya huhuhu. Kami lawan c ANYOI=BF c SOFIAH. Eventhough, we lost in 29 minutes( if I don’t mistaken) at least we kill them hehehe. Hero kmi time 2 x ngam lah huhu.SEMOGA LAH. SHAHARI got the FIRST BLOOD STATUS. Hahaha ayam.(just kidding).

The winner of the tournament will go to Sarawak. TAHNIAH!!!!SEMOGA LAH KAMU.



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