Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Cluster B, that was my hostel name before move to new hostel called; Cluster C. This new cluster like hotel to me hehehehe.jan jelez.( eventhough the facilities still not complete). I will tell about Cluster C sometime in the future. Just wait ya.

Now, I want to tell about my previous cluster,yakni Cluster B. I stay at cluster B almost 2 years since I’m came to UiTM Sabah=part 1=July 2008. My first room at cluster B is B3418 (kalau x silap la). My roommates at that time are Felix,Berry and __________(ak lupa). All of them promote from PREKOM and I don’t know them(jumpa pn x pernah). Finally I can 1 kepala ngan diorg. Hehehe. I don’t know what can I tell about them because I jarang-jarang (pernahkah?) walk with them. Sorry geng.

Second semester, all my roommates are my course mates. Memang 1 kepala;joko, shahari and eljony. Our room is B2413. Bilik paling hujung. At that time, we are the noisiest people. Every night we made noise. Jiran-jiran pun marah kali.hahaha.Semoga la kamu. Di sebelah punya sebelah bilik is zul’s room also my course mate. He always made noise; dialah ketua. Teriak sana teriak sini like crazy people hahaha(just kidding).

Part 3, my roommate is Darwan. He never sleeps at room (ada juga lah). He stays outside UiTM .trip NR. The whole semester I’m alone huhu. Sometimes I feel scare sleep alone( x mati lampu hahaha).My room is B1309.

Part 4: my friends and I stay at joko and shahari room almost 1 month.PAITUNG. we don’t have room at that time. WHY?. Entah la, x da rezeki. PAITUNG with me includes sadre,afiq and fariz. Before we get room (B2509), kami di serbu by unit keselamatan (ramai bos); afiq andfariz berjaya melarikan diri;x adil. I,sadre,joko and shahari terpaksa melayan kerenah mereka.huhuhu.

Part 5 ;I stay with eljony at B2515 almost 2 months. Today, all siswa stay at Cluster C and my room is C3515. I have 4 new roommates; Dilsa, Sari and Boby. i think i like Cluster C.^_^



aku budak skema said...

uish..ikut2 taw ko ni...n kami campin bha lari dr pak gad ni..haha

aydil fazni said...


Pixs said...

Sa ada dalam pikca...muahaha...

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