Sunday, January 24, 2010

social gathering

Hi again! How are you? emh, I hope you all feel very well. Last week I’m very busy and do not have time to update my blog.Hehehe… Before this I talk about spider, right. Today I want to talk about my class BEL again. I hope you will enjoy reading my story.

22 January 2010(FRIDAY)- This is my first time wearing a blazer. I feel very hot and uncomfortable. Not only me wearing a blazer, my friends also. Do you know what happen on this date? We have a social gathering with other course. I think the course is DPA part 4, totally I’m wrong. The course is DIS part 6, our senior.

First, I feel shy with them. After briefing, the feeling suddenly disappeared. When the event start, my classmates and I go to them and start introduce ourselves to them. Not only our name, also our position in our company. Before I forget, we had asked to become one of the boards of director (BOD) in company that our choose. My company is Ajinomoto (Malaysia) berhad and my position is Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Most of the DIS students become a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Some of them are director manager. In this event I know a new senior such as Effni, Hillary, Ida, and Jeniffer . All of them are CEO.

Emm..i think that’s all for now. Before I end, the social gathering are fun, funny and best.

Thank you for reading…*_*

To be continued…


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HeLJoNy said...

You enjoy it.
I feel very dizzy that time and it really hard to remember any of them.
Maybe it all because I'm nervous. haha

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