Monday, January 11, 2010

Role play

Hi again! How are you blogger? i hope you are in the pink of health.
Today i want to continue my story,may i? Thank you.

Last Wednesday on 6th January, my friends and i had introduced ourselves to our BEL's lecturer. i saw all of them felt nervous. Maybe because that was the first time there stand in front for this semester. Honestly, i did not felt nervous. When i stand in front of the others i will blur. i'm always like that..huhu. That was strange,right?

Friday,8th January : That was the last BEL class for that week. i thought that was the best class for that week. Do you want to know why? Role play. On that day, we learned about how to introduce ourselves and our friends to other people. There are 2 ways either formal or informal. After madam explained to us, she asked us to act in front. Firstly, i saw my friends felt nervous likewise. But, when there acted in front, the nervous suddenly disappeared. There done the role play very nice like an actress. Maybe someday, one of them become will become an actress.hehe.

i think thats all for now. thank you for reading my post.Bye bye. See u...

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