Saturday, January 9, 2010


Last Monday was 4th January. At that date, my friends and i go to the class. That was our first day in the fastrek. At that moment, i felt very lazy. Actually i did not want to go to the class. After i asked my classmates, i had decided that i want to go to the class.

BEL312's time : sadre, joko, sarie, zul and i went to the bel class. the four of us arrived late to the class. all of us felt very nervous after our bel's lecturer, Madam Aries warned us. next class must came earlier than her. that was our first rules. after that, she gave us more rules. the rules are very good to us i think. with the rules, we will very discipline in the class. no food,no handphone, dont litter...emh..i hope this rules make us more dicipline than before.

before the class end, Madam Aries asked us to create a blog by hook or by a crook...actually i dont like a blog,huhu. however, i must learn, right? so, this is my blog. i think thats all for now. bye bye :-)

to be continued...

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