Thursday, July 29, 2010


22-25 July 2010: 40 of us(UiTM Sabah students) went to Nabawan, join Program Rakan Muda Wawasan Desa(RMWD) IPT-UiTM 2010. That was my firt time go to Nabawan and my first OPKIM. There, i got a new family. My adopted mother's name is Mrs Flora Bt Sigoh. My adopted father's name i don't know,i forgot to ask him. Eventhough i don't know his name,he is very kind and very close to me. i have 2 adopted brothers; Tutung and Boboy(not real name) and with me this family, Aronic.

All my friends also have their own adopted family. i'm very lucky got this family; has car and motorcycle. i'm always drove my father's car when we want to go somewhere. Some of my friends family also have transportation and some of them got a poor family(not very poor). When they want to go somewhere, they just walk.

There also i learned Murut's dance. Eventhough i don't know and don't like dance, i challenge myself to try it. i learned only 1 move.hehehe. My friends said that we dance like a gorilla.yakah?i don't thing so. A lot of experinece i got from there. i'm very lucky can join this program. i hope after this i can join again to gain more knowledge and experience in people place.

Until today i still miss them..THANK YOU

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