Saturday, July 17, 2010


hi i'll post something. :)

Something terrible had happened this week. All seniors in UiTM Sabah talked about freshie including me,hehehe. They said freshie is "kungpau" or snobbish. i as a PM don't know what to do. If they don't want to accost the seniors, what to do, their attitude like that. When we had a meeting last Thursday, all the issues about freshie. Huh! i felt bored. If they "kungpau" to seniors,up to them. Their attitude like that,what to do. Just let it be.

Yesterday one of the freshie became very popular. All of you knew it. KURT HUMMEL(not real name). All seniors in UiTM Sabah anger to him including me. What kind of attitude he had. His parents didn't teach him how to respect others especially people that older than him."BIKIN PANAS OH". i hope he can change his attitude after this and apologize to everyone.

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