Sunday, February 14, 2010

went to Sabah Port

Hi! Still remember me? I'm still busy and don't have much time to update my blog. Sorry.
However, today i have a chance to update my blog. Emmhh...what i want to say?(thinking).
Before that, GONG XI FA CAI to all people celebrate Chinese New Year.

Last Friday my friends and i went to the Sabah Port for our study trip. Sabah Port is located in Sepangar Bay. It is the most modern port in Sabah.( i think). When we arrived in Sabah Port, we were greeted by Mr Alex. Then, we were took to the main building of Sabah Port. In there, we have a talked from Mr Sabren. He was talked about the history of Sabah Port, what their are doing and the board of directors. After that, we were took to the executive lounge and meeting room. The meeting room is very beautiful and i think the most modern meeting room in Sabah.

I don't have much time to talk more about Sabah Port. If you wish to know more, you can log to suria capital website. That's all for now. See you again...bye bye have a nice holiday..happy holiday =)

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