Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today i feel very happy. Why? How about you? Do you happy today? I hope you all fell happy like me. Before i proceed my "happy", hi again! How are you today?

According to longman dictionary, happy means having feelings of pleasure, for example; something happen to you that make you feel satisfy. Today i am satisfy because yesterday i had presented my assessment 1. Eventhough not enough time, i feel satisfy with my presentation. Today i can relax and enjoy my day without thinking about BEL for a while. i only have 1 class today and start from 4 pm to 6 pm.hehehe, don't jealous. Today is my happiest day.

For my friends: good luck for your presentation and do the best.
" Happy makes perfect " ^_^


cgdila91 said...

salam...r u ok???

aydil fazni said...

ok bha


hey there. my name is farha, i'm taking DIA at uitm melaka. currently in semester 4. i'm taking BEL312 also. hope we can share our thought regarding the subject. can't wait for my next presentation. wish me luck!

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